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My wee girl has had some difficulties being shy and trying new things. The coaches however Jordan, Sam and Scott have been terrific. they are really good with kids who are a bit shy, they slowly get them I to class on their own terms which is really amazing. Bonnie has came so far in just 3 months, now I hear her before I see her she loves to practice her punches and she always loves going to class. Rivals have a TV you can watch your little ones train too which I love. I can sit and have a break in their waiting area, even use the tables to do some work and we're right beside her class so if she needs me she can come out and see me, the coaches are awesome and some of the black belt coaches bonnie absolutely adores.bonnie got a try chart from rivals recently where if she tried something new she would get a sticker. she went from a beige diet of chicken nuggets only to actually eating a roast dinner, gravy and all. she is motivated to help her baby brother, tries new games where she wouldn't usually and its been an amazing thing for her, I can't say good enough things about rivals, their leadership programme, their coaching level and way they are with the kids is world class!

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Can not recommend Rivals gym and there team enough. My son Brody who is 7 and very shy joined 3 weeks ago and he has came on leaps and bounds his confidence has grew so much in a short space of time. He has never liked any sports or clubs he has joined and never stuck to any but from his first free day he absolutely loved it and we joined that day. He loves his 3 classes a week and looks forward to them and comes out of every class buzzing. The involvement with the parents also is brilliant with the girls at the desk and the coaches after every session they are amazing looking forward to the future with Brody being part of the rivals gym family x

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Over the years, I have trained at a variety of gyms but none can compare to being at my rivals. The coaching is at another level with everyone dedicated to helping each other improve without any egos getting in the way. It's a great atmosphere and I highly recommend it if you're looking for more than just a gym experience.

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